Never Alone, The book for teens & young adults who've lost a parent

In Never Alone, geared for teens who have lost a parent, popular writer, educator, and speaker Rabbi Y. Y. Rubinstein - himself orphaned of his father as an adolescent - sensitively and thoughtfully shares a path toward healing and moving forward. There are so many feelings a young teen in this position might be feeling - sadness, anger, pain, and guilt, among others - in addition to having numerous loaded questions about it all. With warmth, wisdom, and understanding, Rabbi Y. Y. offers validation, reassurance, answers, advice, and even some smiles.

Also included are pieces written by world-renowned maggid Rabbi Paysach Krohn; highly sought-after psychologist Mrs. Mindy Blumenfeld; and others who experienced profound losses yet whose experiences built them into the strong and supportive people they became.


The heartwarming real-life stories offer hope and encouragement and remind us that we are not alone in our pain. If you're looking for a book that will reassure, empower, and uplift you, here it is!
-Rabbi Aron Litwin, MA, director of Mekimi, UK


Rabbi Rubinstein has for many years been involved in Pillars and Links, the two largest organizations dedicated to helping children who have sadly lost a parent. His new book, Avi Yesomim, is a lovely, kindhearted book. I highly recommend it.
-Rabbi Shimon Russell, LCSW, world-renowned parenting, marriage, and educational expert


Avi Yesomim captures the real-life candor, clarity, and charisma that are synonymous with Rabbi Rubinstein's approach... This book is a heartfelt analysis of the realities relevant to orphaned children; a book that is valuable and necessary to bear them through loss and grief...

-Shoshana Rube, director of Pillars

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