One Day More C.D. (Acappella)

One Day More C.D. (Acappella)

In Jewish law and custom, the third recurrence of an event establishes a chazakah, or permanence. One Day More, a climactic lyric from the musical Les Misérables, is about being powerfully aware that though the Maccabeats have achieved their chazakah, the journey continues. One Day More is about more than declaring that, contrary to everyone’s – including their own – wildest expectations, the Maccabeats are here to stay. One Day More is about the traffic jams spent counting the cars on the New Jersey turnpike; the nights spent on cold airport floors; the hours in the studio trying to get that one perfect take; the low of reading hateful commentary on the internet; the high of hearing from a fan that our music helped her celebrate a Jewish holiday for the first time; the power, pleasure, and pain of singing one more hoarse encore with a roaring crowd. These experiences do not deter or distract the Maccabeats; it is from these very occasions that they draw the strength to journey on. One Day More is about pausing to reflect on yesterday while simultaneously looking to tomorrow, eyes trained on the next avenue to spread literal and figurative harmony. The Maccabeats remain committed to bringing meaningful content to Jewish music, with their hearts and minds in the right place, while celebrating the good and exciting parts of modern culture. The Maccabeats have performed at venues all across the world, from The White House to Hong Kong (and everywhere in between.) (NOTE: No musical instruments were used in the production of this album. Certain sounds were produced using the human voice and may sound like real musical instruments.)


1 Acheinu

2 Malchei HaMelachim

3 Yesh Tikvah / Ki Malachav / Mi Shemaamin (feat. Benny Friedman & Six13)

4 Shine (Chanukah)

5 Eishet Chayil (Shabbat)

6 Les Miserables Medley (Passover)

7 Lemaan (feat. Shalsheles)

8 Cups (D'ror Yikra) (Shabbat)

9 Brave

10 Burn (Chanukah)

11 Nachamu

12 One Day (reprise)

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