Purim Megillah

Full Color & Illustrated Megillas (Megillat) Esther Includes:

- Guide on how to hear the megillah
- A short explanation of the mitzvos of Purim
- Brachos for the Megillah in Hebrew English and transliterated
- The full Megillah in Hebrew and English. (In a user friendly and appeasing format)
- There is a gragger icon within the text to let the congregation know exactly when to shake their graggers.
- Chapter Summaries as well as page by page short summaries, so if someone needs to skip a page to keep up, they can easily follow the purim story
- Pesukim recited together are bolded in the Hebrew & English and transliterated
- Kriyas hatorah for Purim day in both Hebrew and English, so there is no need to bring out the chumashim in order to follow along. 
- 2 pages of Purim Songs (great for congregation to follow along)

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