1. Chabad Style Talis with Cotton Lining
    Price From: $115.00

    Chabad Style Talis with Cotton Lining Learn More
  2. Chabad Talis with Silk Lining
    Price From: $119.00

    Chabad Talis with Silk Lining Learn More
  3. Chabad Talis-Munkatch Style
    Price From: $169.00

    Chabad Talis- Munkatch Style Learn More
  4. Lightweight Chabad Talis- Keter Edition
  5. Regular Ashkenaz Wool Talis
    Price From: $65.00

    Regular Talis (non-Chabad) Learn More
  6. Tzitzis Protector
    Tzitzis Protector

    This revolutionary gadget has solved the problem of washing Tzitzit in the laundry. You can safely put your Tallit Katan in the washing machine with the tzitzit from four corners snugly protected in this spiral plastic holder, with a protective cover which stays firmly on during the wash cycle. Suitable for long term usage.

    Designed for multiple, long-term use.

    Simple and easy to use.

    Produced in a Shabbat-Observing factory in Israel. Learn More

  7. Elegant Acrylic Tallit Set - Purple / Silver
  8. Tallis Bnei Or -Blue

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