Room for Tomorrow, A Novel

Gitty looked up and her eyes met her mother's.
It was a conversation that could be pushed off no longer. Rivkah headed toward the table, sat down across from Gitty, and with seeming simplicity, asked, "Gitty, what do you think of having a new father around here?"

Devory looked down at her prosthesis and made the effort to smile. "People think I've gotten over it," she said. "But the truth is that it still hurts. A lot. I see myself in the mirror daily, and it's very hard getting used to myself."
"I understand you, Devory," Gitty said. "I, too, lost something very, very big in my life."
A long moment of silence fell between the friends. A silence of support, calm, and friendship. It was a moment they both knew to cherish.

A year after No Room for TwoGitty faces a new whirlpool in life. There's a new father and stepsister on the scene and difficult-to-navigate relationships.
Devory's lifelong dream now seems out of reach, but who gets to decide what she must give up in order to attain it?
Avigayil, the Rebbe's granddaughter, gets married and forges new relationships and ties.
Yael faces the difficult test of waiting and acceptance for the first time in her life.
Room for Tomorrow is a moving book about girls on the cusp of adulthood, pushing onward despite the many obstacles in their path.
The gripping sequel to No Room for Two

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