See the Good, A Novel

Feiga is sure she's imagining things. It's someone who really resembles him, that's all. 
It simply can't be him. It hasn't been him for so many years. "Esti, who's that dancing with Leiby?" Feiga is shaking.
"Rav Rosenberg." She dodges the question.
"Yes, I saw that. But who's next to him? He's holding Leiby's hands now."
What an amazing resemblance, but that has to be all.
"His father." Esti turns to Feiga.
"What?!" Dina is shocked.
It is him. Feiga tries to process it. "Since when does he look like that?" Feiga can't stop looking at Leiby and his father. The father of her children.
Popular author Libby Klein takes you on yet another journey to places you would have never chosen to visit. See the Good is not an easy read. But life isn’t always easy either. Leiby and Esti, Chaim Mordechai, Feiga, and Gitty are the heroes in this third book.

The journey is theirs, but the insights and strength you choose to take from the story are yours.

The heroes of this story, like every single one of us, did not choose to be heroes.

They were chosen.

And when Hashem chooses, He also gives His child the ability to successfully traverse the path with bitachonemunah, and joy, and to merit seeing His goodness in the land of the living.

The continuation of the bestselling series:
Even There Even Now and If Only

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