Shalom V'reus, The Keys to Building a Strong Jewish Marriage

In Mareh Kohen, the stirring liturgical poem recited on Yom Kippur, the radiant appearance of the kohen gadol after completing the avodah of the holiest day of the year is compared to the look of a chosson on his wedding day, and with good reason. A newlywed bride and groom emerge from under the chuppah with radiant faces, envisioning all their dreams unfolding before them, sure that their home will be a model of happiness and holiness.

But sometimes, once the routine of ordinary life sets in, that radiance gives way to tension and sadness; the young spouses look like they're carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, dragging themselves around as if old age has caught up with them prematurely.

Is this disenchantment inevitable? What does it take to sustain a marriage and keep it blissful, all the way from the chuppah to the golden years?

This illuminating book, by Rav Dovid Levy of the Pele Yoetz Center in Jerusalem, explains how to build a strong and durable framework for marriage. No matter what challenges come their way, a couple that puts this knowledge to practice will be able to look to each other and yes, really find the ahavah, achvah, shalom v'reus that everyone was singing about at their sheva brachos.

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