This book is an abbreviated version of the best-seller "CODEX JUDAICA - a Chronological Index of JEWISH HISTORY" which covers the span of 5,000+ years.Events in Jewish History are listed in a year by year chart, referencing the general historical context of the event id relevant. Central figure(s) in Jewish history appear (in this Digest) in the context of event only. For details on outstanding (historically significant) persons or events, one needs to purchase the full 400 page volume.There are lists (presented as charts) of Torah scholars (e.g. Rishonim, Acharonim, as well as Admurim). Maps of such significant locations as Ancient Biblical Kingdoms in the land of Israel, Bavel (Iraq), and detailed (cities and towns) various different European regions of Jewish significance.A detailed account of the Roman conquest of the Land of Israel and the destruction of the Second Temple is included because of its overwhelming significance to the Jewish People and the Diaspora, and unequaled in Jewish History until the recent Holocaust, which surpassed it in its devastation of the Jewish People..

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