The Joy of Emunah

Exploring the True Meaning of Simchas Hachaim and the Eternal Value of a Yid

We all know that as Yidden we are required to serve Hashem with joy. More than just a ticket to a pleasant life, it is clear that simchah is an inseparable part of avodas Hashem.

But how do we maintain a joyful attitude today, when there is so much pulling us down?

The answer is emunah.

In the first two books of this series, The Heart of Emunah and The Soul of Emunah, which have impacted thousands, Rabbi Ruven Schmelczer explains that emunah is connecting to ruchniyus and seeing it as the reality. It is knowing that nothing, not even the smallest movement, that a Yid does is insignificant.

Now, in this third volume - which can be read as a companion to the first two or as a standalone work - Rabbi Schmelczer delves into the different aspects of emunah, using fascinating stories, parables, and sources, augmented by a comprehensive Hebrew footnote section that's a complete limud of its own, to demonstrate that a Jew who has emunah can't help but feel simchah.

Because when a Yid realizes that he possesses a neshamah sourced in the light of the Shechinah and that his every positive act will generate endless reward-

When he recognizes that he is completely dependent upon his loving Father, Who takes care of His every need and answers his every cry-

When he understands that he is a member of the Chosen People, a direct recipient of our treasured mesorah-

He is filled with the purest joy.

This is not like the fleeting happiness that results from worldly pleasures. It is true simchah, a joy that's authentic and everlasting.

A joy born of the realization of how incredibly lucky he is to be a Yid.

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