The Rising Life: Challah Baking. Elevated

Coming off the enormous success of Rebbetzin Rochie’s Challah baking workshops, taught locally and internationally, The Rising Life explores challah as a recipe for a life well lived.

Filled with gems of kabbalah, Torah and Chasidic lore, and employing historical facts, scientific discoveries, psychological studies, and literary references, The Rising Life is a little treasure chest of a book that will entertain, inform and inspire the reader.

The mitzvah of Hafrashat Challah/separating the challah piece, the actual making of the dough, and even the braiding of the loaves, are thoroughly examined and explored, leaving us with a tremendous appreciation for the gift that making challah can be in our lives.

Written in Rochie’s uniquely engaging and warm voice, this is a thoroughly enjoyable read. "It feels almost like a great conversation over a good cup of coffee with a wise friend."

For more unique insights into challah, and to find out what Rebbetzin Rochie Pinson is all about, visit her web journal:

The Rising Life: Musings on the Magic in my Challah Bowl

What’s inside The Rising Life?

• Challah baking as a recipe for balanced, integrated nurturing of our self and our loved ones. The recipe of challah explored as a recipe for life.

• A tremendous scope of fascinating information, from the history of challah to the significance of the challah shapes as we know them today

• Segulot, Kabbalistic traditions, and customs related to challah

• Rebbetzin Rochie’s Classic Challah Recipe: a truly perfect, never-before-published recipe for outstandingly delicious challah every time. Includes ultra clear step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow braiding directions.

• Charming and whimsical illustrations are sprinkled generously throughout the book, adding to the general beauty of the book, and making the reading experience even more enjoyable! (Kind of like eating a challah that is yummy, and also really pretty!)

This book was written as a companion book to the challah cookbook,

RISING! The Book of Challah

by Rochie Pinson

Feldheim / Fall 2015

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