Uncle Yossi's Grand Story Collection, A Treasury Of Classic Jewish Tales For All Ages

Over 75 unforgettable tales from “Storytime with Uncle Yossi”

Celebrating the life and work of Rabbi Yosef Goldstein (“Uncle Yossi”), this heirloom designed 440-page story book contains over 75 carefully selected tales as transcribed from the unforgettable recordings of “Story-Time With Uncle Yossi.”

Drawn from the Midrash, Talmud, and Jewish lore, Uncle Yossi's beloved stories instill a love of G-d, love of the Torah, and love of the Jewish people, planting the seeds for fine character development and personal refinement.


The Two Voices

The Big Barrel of Wine

Little Avraham

The Three Sacks of Gold

The Return of Little Tzip Tzip

Let’s Say Baruch Hashem

The Hour of Fortune

The Mystery of the Overturned Inkwell

The Two Brothers

Reb Yosef Mokir Shabbos

This Is the Way I Wash My Hands

The Strange Gift

Hashem Is Good

The Sound of the Shofar

The Secret of the Empty Fireplace

The Hidden Treasure

A Peek at the Third Beis HaMikdash

The Mystery of Dayeinu

The Cup of Eliyahu HaNavi

The Tall Chanukah Candles

The Mountain of Ice

The Ten Wedding Gifts

The Lost Letter

The Forbidden Road

The Missing Wallet

The Whispering Droplets

Let's Say Thank You

Reb Ariel and the Lion

Where Is Hashem?

The Great Surprise

The Three Loaves of Bread

The Sly Fox and The Clever Fish

The Vanishing Bottle of Wine

The Island of Treasures

The Strange Visitor

The Miracle of Toras Emes

I Love Hashem, Yes I Truly Do

A Diamond from Heaven

Skippy and Crawly

The Stolen Purse

Saved By a Miracle

The Stargazer

Little Zalmy and the Spooky House

The Flickering Flame

The Secret to Long Life

A Blessing from a Tzaddik

The Silver Coated Mirror

Judge for a Day

The Sly Fox and the Cheese

The Return of Little Yehuda

The Baal Shem Tov’s Storyteller

The Return of Yisrolik

The Golden Rod

The Hidden tzaddik

The Lost Sister

The Narrow Escape

The Rambam’s Resting Place

A Stone for the Beis Hamikdosh

The Strange Beggar

Three on an Island

Toothpicks & Needles

The Secret Tunnel

Reb Asher the Melamed

The Power of the Tongue

The Strange Pillar of Fire

The Lovely Moon

The Most Precious Thing of All

The King and the Shabbos Candles

Signs of Life

The Dancing Bear

Feeling for Others

Just Traveling

Saved by Negel Vasser

Dovid Hamelech’s Resting Place

Greasing Wheels During Prayer

The invisible Aleph

Hillel and the Skylight


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