Chayeinu Workbook #1

Chayeinu is an easy to use, comprehensive curriculum geared to teaching basic, jewish knowledge. Currently, there are 5 levels with over 50 topics introduced. Included in these are a broad range of subjects such as the hebrew months, important sons/daughter/husbands/wives in tanach, al hamichya, gematria values, as well as a jewish timeline. The basic model of the series is to provide a topic, followed by worksheets and then interspersed with review sheets after every few topics as well as at the end. Because the underlying principle is reinforcement, any new topic introduced will appear in all higher levels, along with enhancements according to the grade level.

A topic such as the five books of the torah will begin by giving the parshios in sefer bereishis for cheilek aleph and continue progressing throughout the next levels to later include all 54 parshios as well as the 24 books of tanach, the authors of each, as well as a detailed chain of the giving of the torah down to the writing of the gemarah. The modern graphics and illustrations, as well as the kid-friendly and thought provoking worksheets appeal to children of every level. Over 70 schools (from co-ed day schools to religious bais yaakovs) in the us and canada are currently using the books with much excitement and success.

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