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  1. Another incredible Shmuel Kunda classic, A Ton of Mon, is now on video!

    When the pasha invites the entire Jewish community to a big dinner, it's with dishonest intentions because he secretly wishes to convert the Jewish community.

    Meanwhile, the minister Iben Abu Ben Zak has an evil plot that is very sinister. Will the Jews go hungry and stay strong to their faith? Or enjoy the non-Kosher delicacies of the palace? Find out in this exciting new tale filled with twists, turns, lots of surprises and maybe even... a ton of Mon?

    Recommended for children ages 3 and up. Learn More

  2. Bella Brocha #3, The Twins DVD Learn More
  3. The Talking Coins DVD

    Age 3 & Up Learn More

  4. 2 Stories in 1 DVD!

    Story #1: " Shabbos Saves Yoseph"

    Plot Summary:  

    Many times we speak of being careful to be Shomer Shabbos and not c"vs being mechalel Shabbos, but did we ever think that maybe Shabbos is protecting us? Reb Ezra has a big challenge, if he doesn’t get more paper for his printing business within 2 weeks, he will have to close down! All of the transportation of products are being blocked by the war!! He turns to his friend and well known baal tzedakah, Reb Yosef Levi Hagiz for help.  Reb Yoseph is planning a trip to Cairo, Egypt to buy more supplies including paper for Reb Ezra and himself. Sounds like a simple plan, but everything goes very differently than planned and now Shabbos is at risk!!! Follow Reb Yoseph’s adventure as he travels across war zones, military bases, Egyptian desserts, trades with mischievous Arabs and faces the most difficult decision of his life! Find out if Reb Yoseph will pass the test of the Yetzer and the modern day, lifelong lesson for every Jew!!!!

    Story #2: "The Hero"

    Plot Summary:

     A little, five year old, non-Jewish child named Yuri disappeared. Stephan and Ivan use Yuri’s disappearance to plan the perfect plot to get all the Jews of their city into terrible danger! The “Shomer Yisroel” never sleeps, and by Hashgacha Protis, a young Jewish boy named Chaim Shimon overhears their evil plans. What will Chaim Shimon do? How can he help? Follow Chaim Shimon as he braves the winter night in order to save his fellow Jews from terrible danger. Will Chaim Shimon be able to stop Stephen and Ivan? Find out what a true, Jewish hero is made of in this timeless lesson for all ages!

  5. For boys & girls ages 4-12 years old.
  6. All voices are recorded using male voice actors. Learn More
  • Story #1: "The King's Wise Son"

    Based on a Midrash from Meam Loez, Sefer Bereshis Vol 1

    Plot Summary:  

    The King has made a new decree: “No one can attain a position in the Royal Palace without a great accomplishment! It’s not who you know but what you know!!”. The King calls his 3 beloved sons and explains that the decree also applies to them so they must leave the Kingdom until the Royal Messenger calls for them to return. The 3 Princes soon find themselves traveling by sea and arriving on a magical island. How will they spend their time until they are suddenly called back to the Royal Palace? Playing games? Attaining wealth? Gaining wisdom? Find out who becomes the King’s wise son!


    Story #2: "The Power of Tehillim"

    Plot Summary:

    When Yoel makes a Siyum Sefer Torah seudah, he only invites the “chashuv” people such as the Rabbonim, Talmidei Chachamim and Baalei Tzedukah. When Berel the water carrier excitedly shows up to celebrate the siyum without knowing that it is invite only, Yoel scolds Berel by asking “You think you’re chashuv just because you say the whole Sefer Tehillim?!”. Berel leaves sad and embarrassed. That night after going to sleep, Yoel awakens and finds himself in a magical forest. He walks through the enchanted forest until he finds a cottage. Inside the cottage, a surprise awaits Yoel as he is summoned to a Beis Din! Yoel experiences the true power, kedusha and beauty of saying Tehillim for himself. The Beis Din decrees he must do teshuvah or else! Will Yoel be able to do teshuvah in time? Experience the power of Tehillim, teshuvah and ahavas Yisroel in this timeless story!


    • For boys & girls ages 4-12 years old.
    • All voices are recorded using male voice actors.
    • Approximate running time: 50 minutes Learn More
  • The Twins From France On The Roof DVD Learn More
  • Heeeeees baaack! The Shpy is the top secret agent at Tzivos Hashem and together with His sidekick Feivel do all they can to stop the Yetzer Horah from his next plan from trying to stop Jewish children from learning Torah and doing mitzvos. Learn More
  • Wonders Of Hashem #3 - Up In The Air DVD
    Ari, Abba and the ever funny Kalman are once again going on a spectacular adventure to experience the different Wonders of Hashem.

    This time, with the help of “Tzufleygin travel” they are able to see firsthand the different types of birds that Hashem has created. Join them, as they travel high and low and discover a fascinating collection of beautiful, smart and clever birds.

    This FUN, exciting and educational DVD is packed with JOKES, "FASCINATING FACTS" and special "IN THE TORAH" segments! Your children will laugh and learn


    Featuring cartoon animation, real animal footage, images and AMAZING graphics. Recommended for children ages 3 and up. Learn More

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