Point Blank - Part 1

"Why didn't you return the car to Abba in the end?" Efrat stared at her father-in-law's car, bewildered. "And where's our car?"

"I'm - " Eyal cleared his throat uncomfortably, knowing he had to break the news at some point. "I brought it in."
 Her gaze was mistrustful. "For what?"
"I'm having it bulletproofed," he admitted, reading the changing expressions on his wife's face: Surprise, fear, and then pragmatic acceptance. 
"I read once that it's illegal to make changes like that to a car. The police can take the car off the road or even confiscate it." 
Eyal smiled gently, reaching out with his right hand to massage his aching left shoulder. "You read right." 
"I also read," she added dryly, maintaining her most officious tone, "that such a thing can cost a fortune. To the tune of hundreds of thousands."
"Sometimes more," he added mildly, although his eyes twinkled in amusement.
"So - " Efrat swallowed visibly. "What's the point? We're hardly millionaires."
Her husband's expression changed from amusement to gravity. "To be prepared."
"Who's out to hurt you?"

Eyal Gilboa is still dealing with the consequences of his last assignment, recovering physically and involved with the capture of the last of the Swearers. But when the GSS needs him, he is forced to choose between his country and his own brother-in-law. This time, he is not always on the same side as his fellow Jew. Both Eyal and Amiel find themselves in Tavor Prison, each one for a completely different reason. Why are they there, and will they remain both loyal to their family and true to their ideals?


Serious suspense ahead!

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