The B.Y. Times #8 Summer Daze

The B.Y. Timesers are off to camp!
Camp means swimming, art, and punchball.
Camp means hikes, plays, and campfires.
Camp means...problems.
Problems for Batya. At home, Batya’s always felt needed. Here in camp, someone needs her, too—bad-tempered, sulky Tova Gutman. But how can Batya break through the walls that Tova’s built?
Problems for Raizy. The shy genius has always been comfortable as Shani Baum’s second-in-command. But what happens when she’s the boss?
Problems for Nechama. She adopts a wounded bird and nurses it back to health. But how can she bear to say goodbye to her feathered friend?

Join the girls from Bloomfield as they solve their problems and have a lot of fun along the wayin Summer Daze.

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