The Trepid Trilogy #1, Homeward Bound

My fate was now intertwined with the fate of the Fangalas and the one who carried it. I somehow felt like my whole life had been waiting for this moment.

I would protect him.

At all costs.

On the faraway island of Pridge, a country torn apart by war and greed, its people fiercely defend their right to exist in peace.

Pridge's only hope lies within the hands of its lost prince, Yechiel, the last of the Trepid dynasty, and the mysterious Fangalas, the fabled Sword of Light.
Gavi Weiskopf, a young sergeant in the Pridgean Army, is tasked with the mission to escort Yechiel Trepid upon the prince's return to his native homeland. Together with his best friend Red, and Jake the Shintak, they carry out their orders to bring Yechiel to safety. They soon realize the stakes are higher than any of them had ever imagined. The King of Tangor, Pridge's archenemy, is after Trepid and the Fangalas, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  

Plunged into the chaos of a corrupt council, a devastating war, and a mysterious past, Gavi and his friends band together to help Yechiel navigate the challenges he faces as he fights to stay alive and fulfill his destiny.

Yechiel must learn quickly about his people, his heritage, and most of all, himself - before all that is rightfully his becomes lost forever...

The first book in a new, wildly exciting trilogy, Homeward Bound pulses with suspense, intricate plot twists, and a host of dynamic characters. Join Yechiel, Gavi, Red, Jake, and the others as they bring depth and energy to every page in this story.

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