Blechs For Bubbies Mommies & You!

Everything Simplified! Completely Illustrated!

Seminaries/High Schools/Teachers

Includes a special: Test Your Knowledge Section. Perfect for educational institutions.


London Beis Din

“Rabbi Jacobs has given our generation the clearest guidelines to navigate the modern kitchen and bring honor and pleasure to Shabbos.”


How To:

Effortlessly keep any type of food warm and delicious!

Easily resolve problems which arise in kitchens everywhere!


Enjoying hot scrumptious meals is central to the celebration of Shabbos.


Yet, wherever we are — home, yeshiva, hotel, hospital, shul or summer camp — questions always seem to arise.


But, no more!

  • How to add water to food which is becoming dry on the blech.
  • How to move a pot from one blech to another.
  • When it is permissible to move food from one pot to another on the blech.
  • What to do when the fire has extinguished.


You will find these — and many more — solutions to common problems in this book.


Written in contemporary and easy-to-understand English!

Fully Illustrated!

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